João Pato Duckman Baga Duck - Real Portuguese Wine
Planet Mouraz Chibu 2018 / Casa de Mouraz - Real Portuguese Wine
Daughters of Madness Mabel Tinto - Real Portuguese Wine
XXVI Talhas Palheto do Tareco 2020 (amphora) - Real Portuguese Wine

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Due to the lockdown situation in Portugal, our stocks are very limited. You can shop some items a la carte, and we also have different themed boxes to choose from including:

Budget-friendly but still the same low intervention wines you expect from us. Specify red, white or mixed.

From our mid-range selection, this is the box to order if you want to make a nice dinner and pretend you’re not in your house. Specify red, white, or mixed.

This is our high roller box, cause sometimes you just need to treat yourself. Red only.

João Pato Duckman Branco Espumante - Real Portuguese Wine
Only 2 left!
João Pato Duckman Branco - Real Portuguese Wine
Casa de Mouraz Encruzado - Real Portuguese Wine
Quinta do Javali Lobatos Branco - Real Portuguese Wine
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From the vineyard, to the cellar, to the bottle, to your glass.

Real Portuguese Wine brings you the best small producer wines made with the best practices. Dive in with a mixed box, browse our shop to make your own selections, or message us for a custom curated selection. If you want to buy natural wine online we can hook you up!

João Pato Duckman Rose Espumante - Real Portuguese Wine
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João Pato Duckman Branco Espumante - Real Portuguese Wine
Only 2 left!
Prototipo Pet Nat Rose Sparkling Wine - Real Portuguese Wine
João Pato Duckman Sercialinho Ducking Pet Nat - Real Portuguese Wine
Only 1 left!

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Due to constant fluctuations in inventory and the fact that we exclusively work with small, artisan wineries, items on our site may be listed as sold out. If there is any wine on the site that is not currently available, but is something that you are interested in purchasing, please send us a message and we will do our best to procure the product for you within 24-hours. Click Shop All to see our full curated selection. We've tasted it all, so feel free to ask us questions!

We bring real Portuguese wine to you.

Real Portuguese Wine… we love it, we drink it, we live it, and we want to share it with you. Our wine is REAL because we believe that the best wines follow the concept of low intervention. This includes natural, organic, biodynamic, vegan, and low sulfite practices. These contribute to a wine that is alive with flavor, a window into true terroir, and the bottled essence of a winemaker’s philosophy. In other words, real.

Portugal has an ancient and dramatic wine history, replete with Romans, Moors, conquest and wars. Today, some of the most exciting European wines are being made in this small Atlantic country. We are here to provide you the opportunity to enjoy the most unique and hard to find wines produced in Portugal. Order today to taste what our winemakers bring to the natural wine movement.