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Real Portuguese Wine is the product of a collaboration between people with a shared love of Portuguese wine and food culture. Though the backgrounds of the people behind RPW may be different, the purpose is singular: expose more people to great Portuguese wines made by true artisans who practice their craft free from the influence of chemicals or industrialized processes. 

RPW was started by Brian and Jennifer Patterson, original founders of Black Sheep wine bar in Lisbon. RPW is co-owned by Antonio Filipe Teixiera, founder of the Rolha Wine Bar in Porches, Algarve. Together, Brian and Antonio have created Rolhas Vinhos Distribuicao, the first wholesale distribution company in the Algarve to focus on small producer, low intervention wines. RPW is devoted to increasing the exposure of Portuguese low-intervention wines to as broad a territory as possible. Portuguese people have always known how extraordinary their wines are and now the winemakers are sharing this with the world.

Alongside Rolha Wine Bar and Rolhas Vinhos, RPW is about the wine and the people who make it. We take great pleasure in having built personal relationships with all of the producers we sell, and we chose each wine through rigorous and repeated tasting. From the beginning, we have made it a priority to visit every wine growing region in the country, meet with producers, and explore vineyards. This community of winemakers and the wines they produce is what inspires us, and we hope to spread that inspiration far and wide.

We look for winemakers who are willing and able to push the envelope and do things their own way. Organic viticulture is also important, because in an era of climate change, it is imperative for both the environment and for the holistic systems that vineyards inhabit. Also essential is a winemaking process where every possible step has been taken to minimize manipulation and maximize transparent expression. This means spontaneous fermentations with native yeast, little to no temperature controls, use of INOX and older barrels to not mask the wine with unnecessary “makeup,” no additions of enzymes, proteins, color fixers or any other additives to the process, little to no fining and filtration, and of course less or even zero reliance on sulfur additions to bottling. Not every producer we work with practices all of the above simultaneously, but underneath this generally low intervention umbrella, we find the gems.

At the end of the day, what’s in the bottle is what matters. There are millions of wines in the world ranging from conventional to natural, and everything in between. After tasting so many wines, it’s easy to see a great homogenization amongst the wines of the world, and so what we look for are wines that stand apart from that same-ness. We want wines that say with sincerity “Look at me, I am special”. We hope you will enjoy what we have to offer, and are intrigued by the stories these wines tell. Saude!

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