Quinta do Javali Port Vintage 2016


What am I: Quinta do Javali is a small property of about 18 hectares. It is located along the left bank of the Douro River in the parish of Nagoselo do Douro - São João da Pesqueira, in a place with a history of wine production as old as the region itself.

As a Vintage Port, the Quinta do Javali 2016 Vintage is a wine that has the complexity, quality, and finesse, as well as the natural acidity and tannic structure to age well through time.

It has a deep color, with dark purple all of the way to the edge of the wine. The nose is dominated by ripe black fruit notes, with strong flavors of stewed plums and dark chocolate. The structure is characterized by great concentration and richness of ripe tannins. The mouth appears full, with austerity and complexity.


Region, Sub-region and/or DOC: Douro

Grape Varieties: field blend

Alcohol by volume: 20%

Volume: 75cl