Penho Nomos Trajadura Branco


Penhó Wines are garagist wines produced from grapes grown at Quinta de Penhó. The Quinta is located in Northern Portugal. The family vineyard is currently being converted to organic, and the wine is produced as naturally as possible. Using minimal intervention, they have created unique natural wines with very low sulfite levels. 

NOMOS is the old classic: A modern approach, a new dream, a wine that sets the tone. It is the scent of a fine lady, delicate, with finesse, much younger than her peers in appearance and structure, a lady that you flirt with it, in spite of knowing that you are playing a dangerous game and you may end up with a broken heart.

NOMOS comes as NOMOS Trajadura, from Trajadura caste grapes, and NOMOS Blend, a blend of Alvarinho and Trajadura. NOMOS is a white wine produced using white caste grapes. It is a pale yellow wine, very aromatic, yet very fresh, with well-balanced acidity and high alcohol levels. NOMOS fermented and is aged for 6 to 12 months in French oak barrels before being bottled.


Region, Sub-region and/or DOC: Northern Portugal

Grape Varieties: Trajadura

Alcohol by volume: 12.5%

Volume: 75cl