Vinhos Aparte Genesis 2020 NEW RELEASE



What am I: What started as a thesis project for three friends attending enology school together has become one of the most exciting natural wine projects in Portugal. Vinhos Aparte brings a punk-rock/graffiti artist aesthetic to their winemaking, and it shows in their whimsical, fresh, fruity, and oh-so-funky wines. They may be grape-mad explorers in wine-based fun and craziness, but they are dead serious when it comes to making extraordinary wine.

Genesis is a unique attempt at exploring the outer reaches of winemaking. Made using 100% Arinto, the seeds of the grapes were removed, allowed to dry in the sun, then put back into the barrel of wine to add a unique element to this already special wine. The wine was aged in barrel on the seeds for over a year.

Each bottle is numbered and has the famous (or infamous) and now censored by the Portuguese wine authority label designed by feminist Portuguese artist Cara Trancada as an homage to creation and the role of the seed of the grape, aka genesis. Bottles will be sold unlabeled with the label, now considered a censored work of art, included in an envelope for you to attach upon receipt. 

380 bottles made.


Region, Sub-region and/or DOC: Lisboa

Grape Varieties: Arinto

Alcohol by volume: 10.5%

Volume: 75cl