João Pato Duckman Kite Duck


What am I: João Pato, AKA Duckman, is a made-up character masking as an homage to a long-gone relative. In reality, the person behind the mask is Luis Pato’s 2nd daughter, Mariana. If you are confused, that’s part of the fun of Duckman. 

Making wines in the shadow of her famous father, Luis Pato, and equally well-regarded older sister Filipa Pato, Mariana sought to create her own distinct identity for Bairrada wines by breaking every imaginable stereotype and creating labels as artistically personal as the wines inside. The labels are beyond whimsical and the Duckman character at times seems inscrutable and other-worldly.

The wines inside are very real indeed. Finely wrought, totally natural renditions of Bairrada wines are what is in the bottle. Bairrada is a coastal region, about 2 hours north of Lisbon, and is marked by chalky/sandy soils, the ubiquitous red grape Baga, as well as white grapes Maria Gomes (Fernão Pires), Bical, and Cerceal.

Duckman Kite Duck is a white wine made by taking the juice of red grapes before it has any skin contact (95% Baga) and macerating it with the skins of white grapes (5% Maria Gomes). Is it an orange wine? A white wine? Who knows! What it is:  refreshing and inscrutable!

Region, Sub-region and/or DOC: Bairrada

Grape Varieties: Mostly Baga with white grape skins

Alcohol by volume: 10.9%

Volume: 75cl