We Work with People, Not Just Wine

With so many grapes, regions, categories and classifications to consider, it can be easy to get overwhelmed when choosing a wine. All of our wines are considered low intervention, and many fit into more than one category (natural, organic, biodynamic, vegan) and we hesitate to pigeonhole our winemakers. In a country where the bureaucracy of certifications is often seen as cumbersome or unnecessary, and where wine has been made for a very long time, often in low-tech settings, without preconception of whether or not it fit a certain category or not, we prefer to ask one simple question:  What does this wine (or winemaker) have to say?

We look for wines that have a story and a point of view. And, perhaps somewhat poetically, we ask, does this wine speak of a place that evokes its uniqueness and special qualities? Does it tell me something about that place that makes me realize its uniqueness, its special qualities? Our producers have a respect for the vineyard and winemaking processes that come through in every glass that you drink. We take the time to get to know them, hear their stories, and when possible, taste the wine where it is made. It is our wish that when the wine is in your hand you have no doubt that it comes from a unique terroir and is crafted by an artisan with something to say.

Ultimately, when wine from our shop is in your hands, you will have no doubt that yes, this wine does have something to say, and that it is clear that it comes from a unique terroir as transmitted to you by an artisan.

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António Madeira



Daughters Madness


João T de Pina

Olival Murta

Vinhos Aparte

Viuva Gomes

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