Arribas Saroto Rosé


The Arribas Wine Company project began in 2017, when Frederico Machado and Ricardo Alves decided that the time to start a more personal project had arrived, reflecting their own philosophy and winemaking style. The quest for diversity and a spot with unique characteristics took them to Bemposta, a small village in the far north near Mogadouro, where the grandparents of one of the founders were born. There they found very old vineyards, some of them recently abandoned due to the owners old age.

From the regeneration of their first plot, less than 2 hectares, the first wine of Saroto was made. Saroto is the local term to designate an animal with its tail cut off, and the lizard symbolizes the capacity of regeneration, representing the winemakers desire to recover and preserve a rich and diverse heritage that otherwise would be lost.

The grapes used to make Saroto Rosé were hand-harvested into 20 kg cases over the third week of September. They were foot trodden in a traditional lagar and immediately pressed and racked into used French and Austrian oak barrels. Kept in barrel over lees for 7 months, the juice fermented naturally with indigenous yeast and without temperature control (wild fermentation) finishing both alcoholic and malolactic fermentations. This rosé wine is unfined and unfiltered and may present a deposit over time.

Region, Sub-region and/or DOC: Trás-os-Montes

Grape Varieties: 50% red and white grapes

Alcohol by volume: 12%

Volume: 75cl