Casa de Mouraz Encruzado


What am I: Casa de Mouraz is married couple Sara Dionísio and Antonio Ribeiro. One of the early adopters of organic viticulture in the Dão region, their wines have become reference points for fresh, natural, yet affordable wines that speak to the authentic grapes and landscapes of this important appellation.

In the summer of 2017, tragedy befell the couple when many of their most prized vineyards were destroyed in terrible fires that blanketed the region. Like a phoenix, Mouraz has risen from the ashes, replanting the vineyards with a focus on fresh young wines. These new wines reinforce Casa de Mouraz’s place as one of the most important organic wine producers in Portugal.

Planet Mouraz Bolinha 2017 / Casa de Mouraz is a very old-school Dão white wine made with old-school methods that are in high demand by natural white wine connoisseurs. This white wine showcases the excellence of the encruzado grape variety, the noblest white variety of the Dão. Mineral and  floral, fresh and structured, it embodies the balance in wine form.

Grapes were manually harvested in mid-September and fermented naturally with controlled temperature, it then remained on fine lees in tank for 6 months (with battonage).

This wine pairs perfectly with oven-baked fish such as codfish, salmon, or tuna. It is also very good with white meat and vegetarian dishes such as pasta with pesto or cheese sauces.


Region, Sub-region and/or DOC: Dão

Grape Varieties: Encruzado

Alcohol by volume: 13%

Volume: 75cl