Daughters of Madness Cider Diver Hard Cider


What am I: American Luke Schomer has spent his whole life fermenting – fermenting wine, beer, cider, and of course, ideas.  Having been a journeyman beverage maker for many producers in the United States, Luke got his education learning how to ferment nearly every kind of alcoholic beverage there is.

After meeting his Portuguese bride-to-be and living for some time more in the USA, the couple decided to move to Portugal to raise their family (Daughters of Madness is named for their three daughters) and enjoy the family-focused culture of Portugal as well as be close to an abundance of raw material for his fermentation desires including apples for cider and grapes for wine.

Although Luke and his family live full time in the capital of Lisbon, they spend every available moment searching the vineyards and orchards of the Serra Montejunto, particularly around the region of Alcobaça, near where the ciders and wines are made.  Alcobaça is a location known throughout Europe for the quality of its apples, and the diversity of its apple varieties.  This no doubt provides an exciting palate of apple-based flavors for Luke to base his ciders on, and the results of his first commercial release are proof of that.

Cider Diver is the first cider released from Daughters of Madness and showcases and blend of Portuguese apples that provides the absolute perfect balance between sweet and tart.  Fermented at cold temperatures to preserve the fruits’ delicate aromas and flavors, this cider is bottled unfiltered and shows a modest amount of alcohol at just 6%. This is a delicious and pure beverage for anyone seeking unadulterated refreshment, with delightful and authentic apple flavors.

Region, Sub-region and/or DOC: Lisboa

Apple Varieties: Mixture of Portuguese apple varieties 

Alcohol by volume: 6%

Volume: 75cl