Mal Acabado Pet Nat Sparkling Wine


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What am I: Mal Acabado is a naturally produced sparkling wine made using Loureiro grapes grown in the area of Vinho Verde in the north of Portugal. Mal acabado is a Portuguese saying the literally means “badly finished” – and it’s generally used when you are slyly talking about someone else’s children. As in, those kids have no manners, they must be “mal acabado”. Well, there is nothing mal acabado about this delightfully effervescent treat other than the cheeky name, and we think it’s just about the perfect wine for summer picnics, days on the beach, sunrise on the deck of a boat – should you be so lucky – or just about any occasion where fresh and fruity bubbles with a refreshing kiss of acidity are called for.

This wine is made by young enologist Rita Sousa, in conjunction with Phulia Wines, a producer of Vinho Verde wines in the far north of Portugal with whom she shares a family connection. Mal Acabado is 100% Loureiro grapes, and fermentation is begun spontaneously, before being transferred to bottles. The fermentation finishes in the bottle, trapping the CO2 produced and leaving behind bubbles and creates a Pet-nat. This is also called the methode ancestrale as it is the oldest, and most rustic way of making sparkling wine, as opposed to the methode champenoise used for Champagne and other sparkling wines that begin with finished wine, and then perform a 2nd fermentation on that finished wine.

Mal Acabado Pet-Nat is bright, fresh, lively, and full of character. High in acidity as both the region and grape variety are known for, the wine is full of tropical fruit flavors, as well as some peach character that really screams summer in a glass. 


Region, Sub-region and/or DOC: Minho

Grape Varieties: Loureiro

Alcohol by volume: 12,5%

Volume: 75cl