Nua Hybrid Natural Cider


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Nua Cider, made in Ponte da Lima, is a throwback to rare Portuguese apple varieties and the old ways of making cider. Using spontaneous natural fermentation and heirloom apples, this producer gives you a new old beverage, unique and familiar at the same time.

The Nua Hybrid is an apple cider mixed with the juice of red fruits. It is 96% apples (40% Porta da Loja, 30% Malápio, 10% Verdeal, 10% Pipo de Basto, 8% Others), 4% red fruits. There is no addition of sulfites and no added sugar.

If you love cider, you need to be drinking this now. 


Region, Sub-region and/or DOC: Minho

Apple Varieties: Mixed heirloom apple varieties and red fruits

Alcohol by volume: 6.5%

Volume: 33cl