Quinta Cova da Raposa Alvarinho


What am I: Quinta Cova da Raposa is located in the demarcated region of Vinho Verde, on the outskirts of the city of Braga. The vineyards are planted in soils of granite origin, arranged in terraces along a slope, and influenced by a microclimate, which, due to its natural and environmental conditions, allows it to produce high-quality wines, namely from the alvarinho and averse varieties. Quinta Cova da Raposa, is a family project, under the responsibility of Manuel de Sousa taxa and Elisabete Raposo, who is a pioneer and innovator in the production of natural organic wines without the addition of sulfites.

This wine has an aroma of tropical fruits, with notes of peach, very fresh and plump mouth, highlighting the fruit with an appealing and persistent finish.

Region, Sub-region and/or DOC: Vinho Verde/Minho

Grape Varieties: Alvarinho

Alcohol by volume: 13.5%

Volume: 75cl