Quinta do Javali Azeite Lobatos Extra Virgin Olive Oil


What am I: Quinta do Javali is a small property of about 18 hectares. It is located along the left bank of the Douro River in the parish of Nagoselo do Douro - São João da Pesqueira, in a place with a history of wine production as old as the region itself. Most recently, Quinta do Javali has dedicated itself to the practice of biodynamics and has thrown itself into this somewhat mystical and perhaps misunderstood discipline.

This extra virgin olive oil comes directly from the farm's olive groves, extracted by cold pressing olives. The olive trees are the characteristic varieties of the Douro that have been at Quinta do Javali for decades. After picking the olives are packed in boxes, transported to the site of cleaning and selection, and then the olive oil is extracted. The entire process from picking up to extraction is done in less than 24 hours, in order to obtain high-quality olive oil. After the extraction, the olive oil is stored in stainless steel containers until it’s bottled.

Fruity with green sensations, herb, olive leaf, and green almond shell. In the mouth, we find flavors of nuts and dried fruit with some spicy and bitter.


Region, Sub-region and/or DOC: Douro


Volume: 500ml