Mistura de Campo / Field Blend Mixed Box


Mistura de Campo – Field Blend - Arguably Portugal’s most unique contribution winemaking is the concept of the field blend. Long ago, many varieties went into the same vineyard. This led to vineyards with sometimes more than 20 different varieties planted together in the same plot. Today, these field blends of native grape varietals are what make Portuguese wines so unique. With the concept of the field blend, often white and red grapes are fermented together. In the past, people may not have had the time or the money to separate everything out and it all got thrown together. This led to the Portuguese wine style known as a palhete, sometimes also called clarete, depending on the region. These unique wines, with different percentage blends of red and white grapes, are distinctly Portuguese. They may be light, dark, fresh, and/or complex. In this mixed box, you will explore the magic and mystery of the Portuguese field blend.

Available in 3, 6, or 12 bottle boxes.