Tiago Teles Raiz Tinto


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What am I: Raiz is a project belonging to Tiago Teles. Tiago was a telecommunications engineer who spent all of his free time drinking wine and writing about it. Fairly well-known as a wine writer of skill, he developed a fortuitous friendship with Carlos Campolargo, one of the largest and best-known wine producers in Bairrada. Taking inspiration from Carlos and all the wines that he had been drinking, Tiago set out to make wines that evoked his love of the maritime spirit of the Portuguese Atlantic coast.  Currently, Tiago produces a range of wines from multiple vineyard sources, including the COZ’s wines.


Region, Sub-region and/or DOC: Minho

Grape Varieties: blend including Alfrocheiro

Alcohol by volume: 12%

Volume: 75cl